Pregnancy Photography

Feel comfortable to look great

Our professional pregnancy photography services offer expectant mothers an intimate maternity portrait session in our private Dublin studios.
You can trust Candela will know how to handle any situation and how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so we can go about our business of getting the best maternity photographs possible.

Capture a unique time in your life

Mums often regret not capturing their bumps when they had the chance; we are happy to follow your directions or to direct the look and style of the shoot ourselves.

Or if you have a picture that you like, feel free to send it to us in advance, and we will replicate the look for your personal portrait session.

Package Options

Choose from our range below, and feel free to ask about any variations you might like


* 75 Minute Studio Shoot with 2 lighting or stage setups
* Prints of Your Five Favourite Images @ 10 x 8in
* Plus 10 jpgs of Your Five Favourite Images by Email
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* 45 Minute Studio Shoot with 1 lighting and stage setup
* Prints of Your Three Favourite Images @ 10 x 8in
* Plus 6 jpgs of Your Three Favourite Images by Email
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