Newborn Photography

Luck and Timing

Baby photography is an art form in its own right.
Newborn babies are difficult to photograph as they won’t take direction, and are impossible to predict!

Patience and luck is what is required to succeed as a professional baby photographer.

Creativity and Inspiration

Sleeping across mums chest, cradled in your arms… these are the deeply personal poses that professional like ourselves constantly strive to achieve – for all of our customers.

At this stage in life, babies must be treated with love and with respect. I know how quickly this time passes, and how important it is to capture these moment, as within a blink of an eye, these moments have gone…

Trust that Candela can capture these serene and pure moments that can make your heart sing.

A Patient Approach

Newborn photography is a challenging task. Unlike adults, newborn babies cannot take instructions. Most likely, they will get fussy and start crying as soon as some tries to control their actions. We pride ourselves on providing a smooth process where both the parent and the babies can relax.

Flexible Prices to suit your budget

You can expect to get professional services for newborn photography in Dublin. Our photographer Candela will talk you throught the best newborn photography deals to ensure that you have a great experience getting pictures of your newborn child.

Newborn Photographer in Dublin

Package Options

Choose from our range below, and feel free to ask about any variations you might like


* 75 Minute Studio Shoot with 2 lighting or stage setups
* Prints of Your Five Favourite Images @ 10 x 8in
* Plus jpgs of Your Five Favourite Images by Email
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* 45 Minute Studio Shoot with 1 lighting and stage setup
* Prints of Your Three Favourite Images @ 10 x 8in
* Plus jpgs of Your Three Favourite Images by Email
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