Infant Photography

Embrace the challenge!

Professional infant portraits pose its own challenges, but offers its own rewards too!

Our infant portrait photographer Candela has masses of experience in dealing with varying types of personalities associated with toddlers and has developed many tricks to ensure you leave with unique infant portraits that are both memorable and powerful.

Patience and Ingenuity

We use various props to catch the toddlers attention, and know time is of the essence as some little individuals can be less patient or eager than others...

We prefer to schedule toddlers for morning time, as this avoids the tears that can accompany tiredness later in the day.

And remember to bring their favourite cuddly friend to keep them company!

Why come to a studio?

Infant photography obviously focuses on taking pictures of infants and toddlers. This type of photography is usually done by professional photographers who have specialized in this field, just like Candela has.

While infant photography can be done in various settings, such at home, or outdoors, there is greater control possible in a studio environment.
The priority for Candela when doing  her infant portraits is to make sure that your child is comfortable and relaxed.

Props & Toys

Here are some steps that we take to make the infant photography process as enjoyable as possible:

Kindness and patience: We are very patient with infants and toddlers, as we know that they can be easily agitated. We want to make sure that they are comfortable and relaxed before taking any photos.

Safety first: We always put the safety of the infant or toddler first. We make sure that there are no sharp objects around, and that the environment is safe for them to be in.

Get down on their level: We get down on the ground so that we are at the same level as the infant or toddler. This makes them feel more comfortable and less intimidated by us.

Use props: We use props to help keep the infant or toddler entertained and engaged. We also use props to help create interesting photos.

Infant photography is a special type of photography that requires patience, kindness, and safety. At toddler photography, we take these things into consideration to make sure that your experience is enjoyable and your photos are beautiful.

Toddler Photography in Dublin

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