Props Can Make for the Perfect Baby Photo

November 2, 2015

fun baby portraitsAll baby photos are adorable, but to really push your little ones photo album to the next level the right prop is a must have. These props don’t need to be expensive, and can be anything that it’s important or going to be important, to the new life of your baby. These props also don’t need to break the bank, and you may have many of them sitting around your home already. Here are a few examples that rank among our favorites.

The Baby Bonnet

Your baby’s bonnet is probably something you love, and you know they look adorable wearing it. There is no reason not to incorporate that important part of their kit into the photos that you’re keeping for posterity. Any shape, color, or style will do, just be sure if you are getting one special for the shoot that it fits and you are happy with it before the big day.

The Baby Blanket

There is nothing worse than cold toes, no matter your age. Your babies blanket keeps them safe from this horror, and there is no reason not to bring this little treasure along for your shoot too. Whether it’s their everyday companion, or one you’ve got for the occasion, a baby wrapped in warm blanket makes for an adorable photo and a can help keep them cooperative during the process.

Childrens Photographers DublinSomething from Dad

Whether it’s a kit from a favorite sports team, a measuring tape, or anything else that says something about dad and the things they hope to hand down to your baby. This makes for a delicate picture full of hope for the future, and can provide some interesting color to what will become a deeply personal album.

Something from Mum

Mum will play an important role in baby’s life in every way, and including a few props that say something about her is just as wonderful. The addition of a baby bottle, favorite activity, or anything else that speaks to your family’s traditions can add dimension to your photos that make the something you will treasure for years to come.